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Cuillin Ridge painting progress

Here's a sneak peek of a 15cm slice of my 160cm wide Cuillin Ridge commission. It's not finished yet - still working on the foreground - but very exciting to paint the whole ridge on a grand scale. The painting started with a visit to the Isle of Skye in February, to explore possible viewpoints and sketch and photograph the vista in preparation. I had a serene camp by Loch nan Leachd and the sunrise the next morning from the flanks of Sgurr na Stri was simply lovely. The viewpoint is at an elevation of about 250m on the western flanks of Sgurr na Stri - low enough to allow the main peaks to rise up above, but high enough to see right into Coir' Uisg.

Here's a sneak peek at a small section of my big Cuillin panorama.  This is a 15cm slice of the 160cm wide painting.

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