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Winter on Ben Nevis

January was a write-off with warm temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds. February finally came good and March has been excellent so far. I've been out and about in the hills recently, making use of good snow conditions, blue skies and calm weather. This new painting of Ben Nevis completed today, shows the Northeast Face above the Allt a' Mhulinn river. Northeast Buttress forms the skyline with the great Orion Face in the centre. Tower Ridge is picked out by sunlight and the plateau is swirling in wind-blown snow and mist.

Here I am heading up Good Friday Climb on Ben Nevis in not such nice weather a few days ago. Even on a day like this, inspiration is there - the excitement of climbing, and of observing the mountain environment closer at hand like ice formations and the gradual appearance of a huge menacing cliff from the gloom.


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