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Filming for BBC Countryfile

Last week, I headed down to Glen Coe to film a little piece for Countryfile. I have a commission to paint the Glen and surrounding mountains, so we tied this in with filming. I pitched the tent on the South Ridge of Am Bodach, overlooking the Three Sisters. The weather was fairly nasty and quite challenging for painting (and filming!), but I got a couple of glimpses through the blizzards to the mountains, and hurriedly committed what I saw onto canvas. The resulting sketch has blobs of hail and drips from the melting snow all over it, but that has added to the atmosphere and reminds me of the conditions that day. For the commission piece however, I'm choosing to paint clearer skies with a temperature inversion and that is resulting in a much broader palette of colour with some striking contrasts.

Countryfile is on BBC1 Sunday 4th February at 6:30pm

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